November 20, 2012 by Count Skylarkin

NEW YEAR’S EAST! The Big Ten Inch & Disco Shed Soundsystem at The Book Club

The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band (live) /// Underbling & Vow (Knees-Up Tent, Bestival) /// Jon Carter (Heavenly Social) /// DJ Wrongtom (Tru Thoughts) /// Natty Bo (Ska Cubano) /// Count Skylarkin (Resense) /// Del Gazeebo (Soundly Beaten) /// Peepshow Paddy (Disco Shed) /// Jason King & Miss Splinters (The Big Ten Inch) /// MC Honey Brown (Nice Up!) 

A celebration of all things East London to round off 2012 at The Book Club.

For a few weeks in 2012, the eyes of the universe were all focused on East London. The Olympics highlighted everything that’s great about the modern-day, vibrant, multicultural East End, and reminded everybody that there’s still nowhere quite like it when it comes to a good old-fashioned knees-up. So when we were thinking about a theme for our traditional Book Club New Year’s spectacular, we really didn’t have to look very far. We’re transforming both floors into a celebration of all things East London, rolling out the barrel with prizes for the best-dressed East End icons, cockney rhyming slang competition, Oliver Twist pocket-picking, pie and mash stall, apple and pear bobbing and pin-the-fag on Dot Cotton. 

The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band (or the hardest-drinking 7-piece in jazz) claim to have been formed in Hoxton in 1900, and promise to ring in the New Year in trademark racous style. This involves barnstorming, brassbound swing, bad tap dancing, drunkenness, kazoo solos and a jumping brand of rhythm & blues once described  as ‘the authentic sound of New Orleans, possibly during the hurricane’. On the Book Club’s famous Old Joanna, Underbling & Vow will be putting the old time variety as seen in Bestival’s ‘Knees-Up!’ tent back into the East End grime, taking Music Hall classics and gives them a 21st century dusting down.

On the decks, we’re delighted to welcome East End pub landlord and one-time Heavenly Social resident and 24hr rave urchin Jon Carter to The Book Club for the first time. A huge afficionado of dancehall, hip hop and acid house, the past 20 years have seen Jon at the forefront of the UK dance music scene – collaborating with acts as diverse as U2, The Beach Boys and Banksy, and touring the world with The Prodigy, Massive Attack and Roni Size.

Elsewhere The Big Ten Inch and Disco Shed residents and regulars will be bringing the party as only they know how. DJ Wrongtom enjoyed spectacular success in 2012 with ‘…In East London’, his LP with mic-man Deemas J on Tru-Thoughts. His DJ sets are a bastion of the unexpected, and are as likely to have people dancing their pearls off to bhangra and sea shanties as they are to post-punk and Prince.

Peepshow Paddy, Jason King and the Disco Shed residents complete the line-up in the bar, which will be hosted by the irrepressible, unstoppable MC Honey Brown, while down the apples and pears in the basement there’s a free East End buffet and piano sing-alongs for early-comers, not to mention Count Skylarkin, Ska Cubano’s Natty Bo and The Big Ten Inch crew spinning killer vintage 45s and 78s all night long.

£15 early bird tickets
£20 advance /// more on the door



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